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Captain Alexander P. Ankeny might not recognize the street named after him and the surrounding area today, but like the friendly Captain for which Ankeny Alley is named, you too can explore one of Portland’s most popular destinations this summer during six Ankeny Alley Festivals. Local merchants, restaurants and entertainment venues welcome locals and tourists alike to explore and support small businesses in Downtown Portland. Join us for music, live entertainment, delicious food, art, strolling entertainment and more at the Ankeny Alley Festival series only in downtown PDX between SW and 3rd Avenues all summer long!

Balloons Hanging in the Street

June 16-18

Each business in Ankeny Alley will showcase what they do best from food to entertainment!

June 30-July 3

Enjoy fireworks at the Portland Waterfront

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July 14-16

As an official Pride NW Event, this multi-cultural event will include local merchants, restaurants and entertainment as they welcome locals and tourists alike to explore and support small businesses in Downtown Portland.  Highlights include the Saturday Pride Pet Parade – with prizes for the most fabulous pet owner and pet fashion ensemble of the year!

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ATTENTION ALL PET OWNERS: We want the Pride Pet Parade to be not just a successful event, but a safe event. So we’ve contacted some great, safe pet experts in anticipation of a warm/hot weekend. Please note the following:


  • The Pride Pet Parade will take place at 10am on Saturday, July 15 and last about an hour. If your pet overheats, has any health issues or if you are concerned about your Pet’s safety or health, please keep them at home where they are most comfortable and safe.

  • If your pet has social anxiety, isn’t good around other animals or humans, please keep them at home. Pride is full of bright colors, noise and lots of humans and, potentially, animals. So, if you or your pet might be overwhelmed by the crowds, noise, excitement, etc. please don’t bring them.

  • We will provide free water bowls and bottled water for pets and guests (supplies are limited), so please plan accordingly. This event is meant to be fun, not tragic. Remember drama free is the way to be – both for pets and people.

  • The Parade will take place on a stage which is carpeted and covered (at least the main part of the stage). We also plan to have shade at the time of the event (10 am -11 am). This does not mean your pet will not be overstimulated or potentially overheat or suffer from heat prostration, so please use common sense, listen to others and take your pet to safety and shelter if you feel they might be at risk.


The Pride Pet Parade is not the only place pets may not be appropriate. Pets can overheat and be at health risk on the way to the event and on the way home. In the afternoon temperatures may be in the high 80s, 90s or even hotter. So, please take your pet home or provide them appropriate shelter during the peak times when the weather is hottest. NEVER leave your pet in a vehicle – unattended or otherwise. If we see a pet in a vehicle, we will notify the authorities and take appropriate action to make sure no pets are harmed or neglected during the course of the day.


We received some great tips from the Oregon Humane Society, so if you have concerns please read Hot Weather Safety | Resources | Oregon Humane Society.


Finally, Pride Northwest and the Ankeny Alley Association is not responsible for any damage or harm caused by you or your pet participating in this event. By consenting to participate you assume any responsibility of risk to you and your animal(s). All participants will be required to sign a waiver prior to participation or they will not be allowed to participate. Thank you for celebrating Pride safely and cautiously.

July 14-15, 10am-2pm

Come help paint street art around Ankeney Ally! We are painting roses on the street to help create a plaza. Any amount of time painting will help, even if you just come and paint one rose! Drop in anytime between 10 am - 2 pm on Friday July 14th and Saturday July 15th. Tools and guidance provided.

painting the plaza.jpg

August 11-13

Enjoy real sand and party at Ankeny!

Beach Party
American flag waving

September 1-3

September 22-24

Usher in the autumnal season when downtown is at its most beautiful.

Autumn Fun
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