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Our Mission

The mission of the events is simple: to encourage locals and tourists to return to downtown Portland and re-vitalize the struggling downtown economy now that the pandemic and protests have faded into history. “We’re here to give people a reason to return to downtown Portland and especially Ankeny Alley,” said Keoni Wachsmuth, president of the Ankeny Alley Association and owner of Dan & Louis’ Oyster Bar a long-time Ankeny Alley seafood restaurant.


“We know people have been hesitant but City officials and other community activists are working every day to beautify downtown and make it safe but Ankeny Alley Festival events are designed to celebrate downtown and give people a reason to look forward to coming back to the area,” Mr. Wachsmuth concluded.

“We’ve worked hard to create a safe, fun event series,” said Mike Truong, owner of District Nightclub. “We understand the best way to have a vibrant Portland is to give people a reason to return and enjoy downtown,” Mr. Truong concluded.


Echoing that statement was Manish Patel, co-owner of a number of downtown entertainment venues including Rialto Sports Bar & Poolroom and Kit Kat Club. Mr. Patel stated, “During the daytime our focus is on family fun,” he said then added, “but downtown is the #1 destination for the Portland nightlife scene -- from live music to dancing to cabaret-entertainment,” he said. Several club owners are helping with this community effort because in the end, we’re all in this together and we want people to feel welcomed, safe and celebrated all summer long,” Mr. Patel said smiling.


Organizers are seeking sponsors for the event, as well as vendors, live entertainment acts such as DJs, family-friendly entertainers, buskers, dance teams, cultural organizations/performers. For information on how to participate please contact Joshua Ryan, 917-282-7189 or email

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